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Not sure if your website is ADA-compliant?

We can help!

Community Communications takes pride in creating websites that comply with the accessibility requirements of the American Disabilities Act. We have the expertise to  create a website for your small business that is ADA-compliant, allowing you to market your products and services to visually-impaired customers as well as avoid costly lawsuits.

Americans with Disabilities Act
Although the American Disabilities Act was first enacted with physical establishments in mind, the act was amended in 2010 to include the internet as a "place of public accommodation." With this amendment, small business owners are required to make their websites accessible so that the disabled can fully utilize, access, and engage with the site at the same extent as people without disabilities. For example, websites must allow visually impaired people to use technology applications such as text-to-speech readers to access the same content, place orders, etc. as unimpaired people can.

Reach a New Market
According to Pew Research Center, around 2% of Americans or about 4.7 million of the US adult population suffer from disabilities that make it challenging for them to use the internet. Making your website ADA-compliant opens up the potential of gaining new customers for your products or services.

Avoiding Costly Litigation
The American Disability Act is a federal law and, as a result, not complying with it exposes your small business to potential lawsuits. According to an analysis by international legal firm Seyfarth Shaw, the number of website accessibility lawsuits filed in 2019 is expected to exceed 11,000, a 70% increase from 2016. These lawsuits are happening across a wide variety of industries, such as retail, healthcare and restaurants.

ADA-Compliant Websites
We create completely mobile-optimized, ADA-compliant websites from scratch at an affordable price. If you are a small business owner who is wondering if your website is ADA-compliant or is interested in getting a new ADA-compliant website, give us a call at 888-869-4595 or fill out the form for a free website evaluation.

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