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Accountability Test

Put your SEO vendor to the Accountability Test! Exactly what are they doing and how can you measure their performance? Are you able to terminate their service at any time?

At Community Communications, we believe in absolute transparency and full accountability. We are completely confident you will love the results of our services but, if you don’t, you are free to terminate them at any time.

Here are our specific services and measurements for success.

Local Listings
Our Service:
We recruit online reviews, which drive up your rankings in Local Listings

We notify you every time someone writes a review, allowing you to keep track of the program’s success

Pay Per Click
Our Service:
We create and manage Pay Per Click campaigns targeted at popular search phrases for your chosen towns.

We send you a monthly report with the exact number of clicks and the associated costs. Further, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad, and you pay the search engine companies like Google directly to ensure you are getting the lowest possible price.

Organic Search
Our Service:
We write and fine-tune the content of your website to emphasize strategic keywords, and we create backlinks from other websites to boost your website’s popularity.

We only get paid for performance. If you don’t get on page one, we don’t get paid!

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